Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by. Did you check out those cute kiddos above?! Jeb and I have three amazing (and little) children, Cade Davis, Owen Crew, and Charis Wynn. It is a delight to be their mama and to call Jeb my own! Aside from family-life, I am a creative — a writer, photographer, and designer. A thinker of big things and a doer. I love to bring peace and joy into every situation, and a passion of mine is to inspire women to create their own success.

My degree and background is in Journalism and print-design. A Shelbie fun-fact, I was the Editor-in-Chief of The University of Texas at Austin yearbook, The Cactus, and I absolutely loved it! In fact, I am still creating yearbooks, aka albums, for friends and family. It has been great seeing how my skill-set can help others with their projects and businesses. This includes both custom design clients and photography sessions. For specific information on hiring Shelbie for a photography session please visit: photography. If you’re interested in collaborating with Shelbie on a custom design project email her at skolby@shelbiekolby.com.

On my blog, it is my mission to bring peace, hope, love, and camaraderie. I’d love for you to subscribe, contribute, and join in! Here is a snippet of what you can expect from my writing and community:

I hope to spread cheer and gratitude. Sharing ideas, mantras, goals, hearts, and our very lives. Establishing community and highlighting the gold within us all. Telling stories that resonate and invigorate, bringing calls to action and seeing results – transformations. Helping others heal; finding friendship, risking failure, and becoming great.

If there’s something I can help you with, I’d love to chat. Shoot me an email and let’s get the conversation going!

Much love!